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Tuesday afternoon, I drove up to Columbia to see the repeat showing of the Rifftrax anniversary/MST3K reunion show with a couple friends from WoW. The drive was annoying, taking 2 hours to go 50 miles. That wasn't really unexpected, since part of it was on the DC beltway at the start of rush hour.

The show was great and it was pretty neat seeing all of the big names from the old MST3K days on stage performing at the same time. The new host/test subject for the upcoming MST3K episodes was there as well. He and Joel riffed an old educational short and he did pretty well, I think. I'm optimistic about the 'new' version of the show.

The trip home only took an hour, but it was still later than I'm usually up on a work night. When I went to unlock the front door, some motion on the floor caught my eye. At first I thought it was a dead leaf or something, but a closer look revealed it to be a toad.

While not exactly as exciting as spotting a bear next to an on-ramp, I still thought it was kind of neat. There are a lot of toads and frogs in the grassy and wooded little area near the apartment. I often hear them at night and they're fairly loud. I was kind of glad to see this little guy hanging out by my front door. Hopefully, he/she intercepted any bugs who were thinking about trying to get inside. I wouldn't mind him or one of his colleagues being out there every night, really.
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