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I was looking for a picture I'd taken a while back when I ran across this one I took years n years ago at the barn. I figured I'd share it here for no particular reason:

The barn owner at the time had bought a big quarterhorse mare named Cascade. Not long after, we realized that the reason she was putting on weight was that she was pregnant. I took that picture not long after her colt foal was born. I went with black and white film in an attempt to overcome the low light in the stall without using a flash.

Date: 2017-03-02 03:59 pm (UTC)
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I do like that photo. I've been working a bit on B&W effects in Photoshop, in December I picked up a plug-in from DxO called Film Effects that lets me apply a Tri-X 400 overlay and I really like the effect for outdoor shots (mainly snow), I don't care for the tone on people's faces. But it has lots of effects that I can work with, so I mainly need to work with it more.

Spousal unit and I were at Lowell Observatory two weeks ago and I was shooting the Clark telescope that Percival Lowell used to make some fantastic shots of Mars. My Canon 6D's auto-ISO gave me some shootable speeds, but at an ISO 0f 6000+, it has a lot of noise. The grain effect of the Tri-X plug-in makes the image work quite a bit better. I'll get it posted here soon.


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