May. 12th, 2016

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The guy who responded to my Craigslist ad came by to pick up Bubba last night.  He texted when he was leaving work, so I siphoned some water from the aquarium into a couple 5 gallon paint buckets.  I then used the python to siphon water out until it was only a couple inches higher than Bubba's dorsal fin.  I'd gotten a screw-on lid for a bucket at Lowes a while back and I'm glad I did.  The guy had a bucket of his own, but with no lid or cover.

Catching him took a few tries, but eventually, I got him into a pillowcase and transferred him to a bucket.  He was definitely not a happy fish and I got a bit wet in the process.   I still need to get as much water as I can out of the tank.   The guy thought I had a nice setup, which seems odd, since it's just a 60 gallon tank on a basic black cabinet with a couple canister filters.  I thought about asking for some money for it, but figured I should just let him have it too.   He should be coming back on Sunday with a friend to help him move it.

So I'm back to having no pets.  At this point, I kind of wonder if I'll ever have any again.  I really hope this guy takes good care of Bubba and that he lives a long, content fishy life.
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I just got a text message from the guy who took my oscar home last night.   Bubba survived his trip okay and is in his new home.   The guy also emailed a picture of him in his new tank.

Dangit.  While I was just kind of sad and missed the big fish last night and this morning, seeing him in his new digs actually has me choked up a little.


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