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murakozi ([personal profile] murakozi) wrote2016-08-19 10:57 am


I met up with the WoW friends again last night for another Rifftrax show. This time we caught the live simulcast at a theater in Tysons. About a half hour or so before the show starts, they start showing their own versions of the slides that theaters generally show with trivia and such. While those are going on, there's normally music by Weird Al, Jonathan Coulton, and others playing. When we entered the theater, the slides were going but not the music. One of my friends went out to tell somebody. It took them a few minutes to get the sound going and in the process of doing that, someone in the projection room managed to turn on the projector's video setting UI.

That's when I learned that fancy movie theater digital projectors have a video UI that could've come from a 90s era CRT monitor. I have to assume it has the same kind of 1/2/up/down controls, because whoever was operating it had a hard time getting to the 'exit' option and managed to turn on the mirror setting. So we ended up with this on the screen:

So my friend went back out and talked to them again. Fortunately, they straightened it out before the show started.

The movie was Mothra and, as usual, the guys did a great job with it. Sadly, there was no toad waiting to greet me by the front door when I got home like there was last month.

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