Aug. 21st, 2017 02:07 pm
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You know, the eclipse coverage today would be way cooler if, right at the peak, they had someone say "Totality" in that Mortal Kombat voice.


Jul. 10th, 2017 07:04 am
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After a week of wrestling with the broken HVAC at work, the building owners had to resort to a backup system:

That's the temporary unit they parked behind the building over the weekend. Sorry about the not-so-great picture, but I took it with my phone and had to hold the phone up high and off to the side to avoid getting a reflection of myself in the picture. It also seems to have cut off the bottom of the pic.

Word is that the 'real' HVAC unit for the building failed because a pipe burst, which let water into its electrical works and fried its circuit boards. When the pipe was fixed and boards replaced, the techs discovered a motor had failed as well. Attempts to repair the motor failed and, apparently, the replacement is being shipped from Neptune and won't arrive for a while. So they decided to bring in the temporary unit.

At least it's not 90F in the office now.
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Today I returned to the office after having been on vacation since last Wednesday. It turns out that, back on Saturday, there was some sort of power issue at the building which knocked its HVAC system offline and it's still not been fixed.

When I arrived at about 6:30 this morning, it was 88F. It's gone up a bit since then and is just shy of 90F in here now...with 90% humidity.

I hate to think what it'll be like by the time afternoon rolls around.
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I took a lot of pictures of the horses when I worked at the riding stables. Most of them were color, but I did like to use black and white film as well. One weekend, while visiting some friends on their boat, I woke up early and sat watching the gulls fly about. A friend woke up and came on deck and started tossing cookies out for the gulls. I had the camera loaded with B&W film with only a few shots left on the roll, so I decided to just finish off the roll with pictures of the sea gulls.

These are two of the pictures I took that morning. I've always rather liked how they turned out.

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I still have my livejournal account. It's got a while before the paid account runs out and it reverts to the lower free level. I don't post there directly any more, but I do log in so that I can check my friends list and comment on other folks' posts.

This morning there's an obnoxious box over the middle of the screen when one logs in. It's about the new terms of service for LJ accounts. If you don't choose to accept it, you're only given the option to log off. That's more than a little annoying. I figure I'll wait a bit to see if any articles regarding the changes show up in the next few days. I'm not going to accept it without knowing what's been changed in the terms and I'm not gonna try to dig through it myself this morning.

One interesting thing is that the notice says that the Russian language version of the ToS is the binding one, not the English language version. That makes me even more leery of it.


Mar. 1st, 2017 10:47 am
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I was looking for a picture I'd taken a while back when I ran across this one I took years n years ago at the barn. I figured I'd share it here for no particular reason:

The barn owner at the time had bought a big quarterhorse mare named Cascade. Not long after, we realized that the reason she was putting on weight was that she was pregnant. I took that picture not long after her colt foal was born. I went with black and white film in an attempt to overcome the low light in the stall without using a flash.

A benefit

Jan. 23rd, 2017 10:57 am
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It looks as if Livejournal is having issues with its login servers this morning. I can still read non-friends-locked stuff there, of course, but can't log in to reply to anything. I guess it's a good thing I created the Dreamwidth account, since I can still try to be social even if I don't know as many people here.
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My second post on Dreamwidth and it's still nothing interesting. If I set things up correctly, then this should crosspost to my LJ account. That's a big 'if,' of course.

I really must try to actually post more often.

First post

Dec. 30th, 2016 10:47 am
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Nothing creative. Just teting to see how things work. Like many others, I've created an account here as part of the Great Livejournal Migration.
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It's an odd feeling, slowly falling behind. Definitely not a good one. Watching folks drift away, growing, moving on with their lives and knowing that you can't keep up. It's good to see them finding new friends and things to do, though you're unable to change fast enough. Knowing that they're getting what they want and deserve and need, but knowing that you're not what they need any more. Just doing the same things you've always done because you don't know how to do anything else and can't learn the new things without a lot of help. Eventually they'll think that's the way you want to be, which is probably for the best since it means you won't hold them back as they grow and change. Soon they'll be gone and you'll be that person they used to talk or hang out with. The 'whatever became of' person. If you're lucky, you'll manage to find others to start the cycle over again. Over time, though, that happens less and less. Hopefully, you've helped them a little in their growth before they're gone.
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I've been very lax in posting here, which is a bad thing. I really need to try to think of/find topics upon which to post an entry now and then.

For now, though, all I can offer is a picture of Tonka the pony wearing my niece's hat yesterday:


Aug. 19th, 2016 10:57 am
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I met up with the WoW friends again last night for another Rifftrax show. This time we caught the live simulcast at a theater in Tysons. About a half hour or so before the show starts, they start showing their own versions of the slides that theaters generally show with trivia and such. While those are going on, there's normally music by Weird Al, Jonathan Coulton, and others playing. When we entered the theater, the slides were going but not the music. One of my friends went out to tell somebody. It took them a few minutes to get the sound going and in the process of doing that, someone in the projection room managed to turn on the projector's video setting UI.

That's when I learned that fancy movie theater digital projectors have a video UI that could've come from a 90s era CRT monitor. I have to assume it has the same kind of 1/2/up/down controls, because whoever was operating it had a hard time getting to the 'exit' option and managed to turn on the mirror setting. So we ended up with this on the screen:

So my friend went back out and talked to them again. Fortunately, they straightened it out before the show started.

The movie was Mothra and, as usual, the guys did a great job with it. Sadly, there was no toad waiting to greet me by the front door when I got home like there was last month.
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Tuesday afternoon, I drove up to Columbia to see the repeat showing of the Rifftrax anniversary/MST3K reunion show with a couple friends from WoW. The drive was annoying, taking 2 hours to go 50 miles. That wasn't really unexpected, since part of it was on the DC beltway at the start of rush hour.

The show was great and it was pretty neat seeing all of the big names from the old MST3K days on stage performing at the same time. The new host/test subject for the upcoming MST3K episodes was there as well. He and Joel riffed an old educational short and he did pretty well, I think. I'm optimistic about the 'new' version of the show.

The trip home only took an hour, but it was still later than I'm usually up on a work night. When I went to unlock the front door, some motion on the floor caught my eye. At first I thought it was a dead leaf or something, but a closer look revealed it to be a toad.

While not exactly as exciting as spotting a bear next to an on-ramp, I still thought it was kind of neat. There are a lot of toads and frogs in the grassy and wooded little area near the apartment. I often hear them at night and they're fairly loud. I was kind of glad to see this little guy hanging out by my front door. Hopefully, he/she intercepted any bugs who were thinking about trying to get inside. I wouldn't mind him or one of his colleagues being out there every night, really.
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I've worn an earring for something like 25 years. Last night, after I showered, I just didn't bother to put it back in. I kind of got to feeling that at my age, it's kinda like trying to pretend to be young or something.

After having worn an earring of one sort or another for half of my life, it's kind of odd to not have something stuck in my ear. I keep catching myself fiddling with my ear.
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On the way home after work on Friday afternoon, I saw something one rarely sees in suburbia. As I took the ramp to go northbound onto 28, I noticed something in the grassy area between the ramp and the Hilton. My first reaction was "That's one huge dog," but then I realized it wasn't a dog. It was a black bear. He(she?) was shifting about as if trying to decide what to do. I'd have loved to take a picture of it, but I was driving and wouldn't have been able to get the phone out to do it in time, and I sure wasn't going to pull over on the ramp.

When I got home, I called county animal control and reported it. I was concerned the bear would wander out onto the ramp, or would go the other direction around a fence and into the nearby hotel parking lot. The dispatcher suggested I call the state game warden's office, too, since the county folks aren't equipped to catch bears. They'd just head out there and end up calling the state. Unfortunately, the number she provided me for the game warden was out of service. I figured I'd done my civic duty anyway and didn't bother searching for the correct number.

I don't know if it was an adult bear. It definitely wasn't a cub, but I've no experience with bears and don't know how large black bears actually get. For some reason, I got the impression it was a young adult.

That's one more thing I can check off my suburban wildlife bingo card.
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A significant portion of my job involves accessing sites and systems that require identity and encryption certificates. Those reside on a usb token. Those same certificates are used in sending/encrypting email messages, which is something else I have to do at times.

Yesterday, I called the helpdesk because I was getting a certificate expired error when trying to send an encrypted email. That was odd, since the certs are valid through late next year. So the IT guy tried to fix the issue. What he ended up doing was deleting the certificates from the usb token. That's a bad thing. They're basically toast now, meaning I've no access to systems I need to use daily. I'm unable to do something like 80% of my job. I have to apply for a new set of 'em, which is a bit of a hassle.

What makes it even more annoying was that I asked if I should remove the token before attempts were made to get the email thing working. The guy insisted that the tokens are write protected, so there'd be no risk. I wasn't too sure about that, but then, hey, he's supposed to be the pro and all.

So, yeah. The lesson from this is to not let our IT department anywhere near one's workstation when something important is involved.
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This morning, the president of the company for which I work went down the hall, handing everyone an envelope with their name printed on it. With all that's happened so far this year, I was pretty uneasy when handed mine. The fact that the he didn't say much other than to ask if/when my boss would be in today did nothing to relax me.

It turns out to be good news for once. The pay cuts that were implemented 14 months ago have been reversed. Starting with the next pay period, my salary will increase by the amount by which it was reduced last year.

I'm both surprised and pleased by this, to say the least. Still, with all that's happened since late last year, I can't help but feel only cautiously optimistic. Is the other shoe about to drop and negate this good thing?


Jun. 13th, 2016 07:20 am
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This year has not been a good year. Seems every time I start to make some progress and recover from events so far, another one falls on me. It's getting worse.


May. 26th, 2016 12:35 pm
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Well, the move is done and I've spent a week living in the new place. There's still a lot of unpacking and figuring out of things to be done. The new place is nice and fairly quiet. I need to get some curtains for the bedroom since it's well-lit outside at night and a lot of light gets in around/through the blinds.

One thing I sure don't miss is Loud Bird. He's a robin that perched in a tree outside the old place and declared his robin studmuffin-ness to the world at dawn and dusk with his volume turned up to 11. There's a mockingbird who likes to perch on a light post outside the new place now and then and sing, but he's not annoying.

There are definitely a lot of frogs living nearby now. Going outside at night it sounds like the soundtrack from a swamp scene in a movie.


May. 13th, 2016 03:26 pm
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Hoo boy. Sitting here at work, trying to fight down a big ol wave of anxiety and worry that's trying to overwhelm me. I half wonder if this move is going to kill me with all the stupid crap that keeps coming up. There's still stuff to pack or get rid of at home and it seems like there's no end to it. Every time I think I'm making progress, there ends up being more stuff. Heck, and then there's the cleaning that needs to be done.
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